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You have a Linux server and would like to access it without typing in your password every time? I widely used method is to use a ssh key pair, containing of a private and public key. …

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You are new to the Linux bash terminal or you just didn’t had the time or motivation to read through the manual about how to list files? No problem, here is a quick guide with the most important functions.

Ls is used to list your files inside of a bash…

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Here is a quick guideline to install Manjaro Linux along with Windows 10 for the Dell XPS notebook series, tested on model 9560. It is always recommended to backup your system before making changes on your BIOS settings!

Change RAID to AHCI

Dell notebooks using a disk technology called RAID on default. It basically…

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Apps you need: Blink, Junno Connect

Open Blink and navigate to your ssh key

Click on “Keys” than on your first key which should be “id_rsa” and click on “Copy Public Key”.

Close the window and ssh into your server.

ssh user@your-server-address

Add your ssh-key into .ssh/allowed_keys

sudo nano ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

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Good sources for your research are critical. But how do you get the best quality journals? is a good point to start, it is providing a huge u to date database of ranked Journals on all science disciplines. …

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